Meet Nick

Who is Nick Muhammad?

I was born in Indianola, Mississippi and from the age of 9, I was raised in St. Paul, MN. Born the eldest son of a single mother of 5, life for us started in district 6 in the Hazelwood Apartments on the Eastside of St. Paul. I was a troubled youth that the Rondo community embraced and guided to the path of productivity. I have not forgotten the role my mother, late stepfather, and the community played in my early development. All my formal and college education has been in Ramsey Count via St. Paul. I attended Webster Magnet, Hazel Park Academy, Saint Paul Central, and St. Paul College.


This experience lifted my humanity as a young man finding my way and gave me examples to draw from and build upon. It has been critical to my development.  As I grew and become a father, an artist, political advocate, and later founder and Executive director of Black Civic Network. The value of strong families became vitally clear to me.  Black Civic Network is a local 501.c4 political engagement and policy consultation organization. Clients include the State of MN on the Family First Act and Village Arms LLC on the African American Family Preservation Act.


The African American Family Preservation Act was designed to address the alarming rate of out-of-home placement experienced by African American families. The Family First Act was a federal mandate underlining the same mission for the state of MN to reduce out-of-home placement with African Americans and Native American children and families. We also created and authored the ADOS Reparative Justice Bill. Based on the data from Ramsey County and low-income community feedback.  We have always known that we need critical intervention in the ADOS and low-income families and Ramsey County plays a vital role. 


MN has been established as a great place to start, build, and raise a family until we begin to look at ADOS and other ethnic communities. It’s time to step into our collective potential.

When families are strong our relationships as neighbors and human beings improves. Community is best when everyone has a stake and claim to it. I will move beyond rhetoric to data driven policy action. 

Unity does not mean that we don’t have differences it the reward for embracing our collective humanity. Unity if the fruit of JUSTICE.

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